Hi, my name is Torkild Pedersen. I am the owner of LOSTCREEK.DK

The idea of LOSTCREEK.DK started many years ago. I have always been drawing, in school during lessons my teacher would catch me drawing instead of studying. Later on at seminars and meetings, I would be drawing and taking notes at the same time. In my early twenties, there was a local public art exhibition and I was encouraged by friends to participate and I actually sold a couple of drawings. I never did follow up on that and now 30+ years later, I again find time to sit down and relax with, among other things, drawing and woodwork.

I do not consider myself an artist. Yes, I can draw and mostly people can see what I am trying to draw, but there is a huge leap up to true artists like, Franco Clun, David Kao, Linda Huber and Mark Stewart just to name a few that inspire me. Watch this video and see what I mean, Kyle Lambert will impress you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEdRLlqdgA4

To me art is something that can give you an emotion. It can be anything we sense, what we hear, what we feel, what we see. If I listen to “Brothers in arms” with Dire Straits, I get one emotion. If I listen to “Adagio in G Minor” by Tomaso Albinoni I have another emotion. Switching to “Enter Sandman” with Metallica takes me to yet another emotion. To me these 3 music examples are examples of true art because they give me emotions. Some days I will explore an abstract painting with screaming colors, another day I will sink into a photo realistic oil painting as if I really was there. One time while working in Norway, I was driving between two jobs and drove by a specific place at “Romsdalen”. I had never been there before, but while driving, it began to seem familiar. All of a sudden, there it was, a view that I had seen before. Painted over 100 years ago, but the same scene. The village had grown into a town but the mountains and the fjord were the same. “Johan Fredrik Eckersberg” had, in his painting, captured that moment and over 100 years later, here I am sensing and feeling that exact emotion in that painting – absolutely amazing! There are many artists like Eckersberg but he is one of my favorites. Originally, I planned to list some of my favorite artists here and linking to their homepages and collections, but decided that if you still are reading this, you probably have your own favorites so I will not waste your time.

The reason behind making this site is to share my passion for artwork. Besides my own humble work, I buy and sell paintings and drawings and will try to have some woodwork as well. I will also list art from others. This part of the site will be nonprofit. I will connect you to the artist and the two of you will make a deal. There is no commission or fee or any deal made between the artist and LOSTCREEK.DK

If you need a spot to promote your artwork, do not hesitate to contact me. At this moment our portfolio contains, paintings, drawings, woodwork and Danish design but I am open for new categories as well.